Copan Ruinas, Honduras 2006 -2008
This project was born from the need to expand the laboratories and sculpture storage facilities of the Copan archeological site. The project had several unique requirements such as:
1. the building could only grow the footprint in one direction for a width of 20 feet by 160 feet because the rest of the site contains archeological remains of importance
2. around 35,000 pieces of sculpture had to remain inside the building in order to complete the construction on time and on budget
3. the construction code for this area does not permit buildings more than two stories high.
My original involvement in project included researching the use of the existing building to define a list of spaces, areas and special requirements for theĀ  new building; creating a conceptual design and zoning of the building; defining a general budget for architectural design and construction; presenting the project to the World Bank to procure funds.
Once the funds were obtained my role evolved into liaison between the Honduran government and the architectural firm V&V Cuadra in charge of the DD and CDs. As well as doing the CA process in conjunction with the Secretary of Tourism.
Other facts:
The building has a footprint of 30,650 square feet and a built area of 46,250 sf.
the design process lasted 8 months
The construction time was 14 months
35000 pieces of sculpture were moved and arranged within the building during construction.

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